Elevate Your Website Experience: Unveiling the Free Backend Builder


Today, building apps is much easier because of the powerful No-Code App Builder platform.  

As you already know, front-end and back-end development should be considered when developing websites, web apps, and mobile apps. Simply put, front-end development is concerned with everything related to the user interface and any element of a website, web app, or mobile app that a user can interact with (clicks, taps, etc.).

Back-end development, on the other hand, consists of writing code to make your website, web app, or mobile app run smoothly. Backend development always deals with database servers, API endpoints, requirements management, and more. 

No-Code tools are becoming more and more popular and are now the basis of many modern products and applications. Startups have taken full advantage of these to launch and iterate their products quickly. And companies are using them extensively to digitize and optimize their internal processes.

What is a No-Code Backend?

A No-Code backend is a method of backend improvement that doesn't require builders to manually write code. No-Code backend development lets you build the backend side of your application (relational databases, data stores, permissions, requests, API endpoints, etc.) using visual development tools. Such visual development tools are mainly: 

● Ready-made app templates

● Visual interface

● A drag-and-drop system lets you choose a template, customize it with the provided building blocks, and assemble your web or mobile app without writing any code by hand.

● Off-the-shelf development modules.

How is the No-Code Backend possible?

The first and most important thing you need is a No-Code backend platform because it helps us to achieve the No-Code backend app development approach. A No-Code platform provides the visual development tools (templates, building blocks, visual editors) described in the above paragraph. 

The No-Code platform itself automatically generates the backend code. It's bug-free (because it's not written by humans), it's optimized, and it's accessible.

The reasons behind accessing the backend code are:

● You can also manually edit the code by accessing the backend code. Although not required, in some cases the developer needs to make some changes so they can make those changes easily.

● Accessing the backend code ensures full ownership of the app you are developing.

Choosing the best No-Code platform is highly important because it could enhance or limit your development process.

As we know that everything has two sides, let’s have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the No-Code backend builder. 

Advantage of No-Code Backend Builder

Improve productivity

No code also enables the hiring of a wider workforce. Even non-technical people can easily meet the demand for serving the product faster. Even business developers and marketers can now create simple applications. 

Quickly customize features 

The problem with traditional development is that you can't always easily change functions and features, especially when it comes to critical features. With no code, you can change everything. If you want to do this, just implement the new logic and the customization will be available within hours. 

Reduce costs 

A No-Code platform helps reduce the overall cost of building and maintaining an application. Building applications using No-Code technology has a wide range of cost advantages due to two key factors: 

● You don't need to invest in highly skilled developers to build and maintain your applications.

● App development is modularized on a No-Code platform, so the overall time and effort are significantly less than in traditional programming. You can build faster, so you can do more with less, lowering your overall costs. 

Increased agility 

90% of the code-free development in models is done via drag-and-drop using pre-built modules. This means faster speed when building applications. Even testing is automated, helping reduce overall development time. 

The disadvantage of No-Code Backend Builder

Basic knowledge is recommended 

No-Code app platforms work by allowing users to create their own interfaces. So it's easy for people who lack development skills and knowledge of interface design and usability to create bad applications. Subject matter experts, developers, or agents, provide advice based on their experience and expertise. Having an expert by your side isn't necessarily a bad thing. Basic programming knowledge is recommended when using No-Code. 

Limited support and maintenance 

Choosing a No-Code provider limits support to what the subscription model offers. Also, there is no preferred support for such platforms, so any errors or shutdowns are entirely up to the provider.

Not the most scalable option 

A subscription model is not always the best option when considering future scaling. A No-Code platform helps you start with a board that has only the essential features and tools but can become inadequate once the number of users exceeds a certain threshold. 

Loss of control can increase the security problems 

When you develop code, you know that you can rely heavily on it because you wrote it and compiled it. With no code, you take some risk because you don't have full control over it. This restriction can openly invite security objections, as applications and user data can be vulnerable to certain risks as soon as a No-Code platform is hacked. 

The Best No-Code Backend Builder: 


In this blog, we are talking about choosing the right backend No-Code app builder platform so it is our work to suggest you the right platform.

AppInvento is one of the finest No-Code backend app builders which provides a good development environment with privacy, security, and scalability.

What is AppInvento?

AppInvento is a No-Code platform that enables you to build backends, automate workflows, and more without writing code. In fact, you don't need any coding knowledge to build an application from scratch with AppInvento. It's worth underlining that AppInvento is not a low-code app, it's a No-Code platform that includes all the No-Code backend tools. You can perform this task by not writing a single line of code. 

AppInvento is more than a tool developers can use to speed up the process of creating mobile and web apps. In fact, it's a tool that every entrepreneur and professional should have among their digital tools because it helps streamline their workflow. 

One of AppInvento's main uses is to automate workflows in a good environment. With this No-Code backend tool, you no longer need to hire professional developers for coding as well as it also saves so much time. AppInvento lets you automate push notifications, update relational databases, and integrate with other apps using a visual workflow builder that requires no coding skills. 

Features of AppInvento 

High Availability: The vision of AppInvento is simple to provide all the necessary tools to developers to build a better application. The developer will execute their work in a few minutes with the help of the AppInvento platform. 

Scalability: This platform can handle a large amount of data also that way we can say that it also has the scalability property. 

Privacy: It also provides privacy for each user. It prevents eavesdropping. 

Data Security: Here when we are using any other platform then we always care about our data so AppInvento also provides data security features.

Editable: We can easily customize our code after generation as per our requirements. Basically, it is a main feature of the AppInvento which makes it more familiar. 

User Authentication: Basically, most of the platforms provide authentication. so similarly here you can easily create secure login and registration. 

Optimal Solution: The code which is generated by AppInvento is always in standard form and also easy to understand with perfect solutions. 

User-friendly Environment: This platform is user-friendly so the user can easily adapt to the environment. Which makes AppInvento one of the finest No-Code platforms. 

So let’s jump into the No-Code environment with AppInvento and build your application without any frustration and error. 


We covered all the details of No-Code backend development. Many professional developers often wonder if moving to a No-Code approach limits their creativity and skills. We used examples to show how AppInvento expands developer creativity and possibilities with tools that can manage even the most complex aspects of backend development. There are many No-Code backend platforms on the market, but AppInvento is still the most recommended platform. It combines ease of use with the most advanced tools a No-Code app builder can offer.